3 Steps to Align Your People to Your Organizational Goals

You spend tons of time setting goals and creating strategies for your organization, but what do you do to align your people? Without getting your people aligned, you’re missing out on a much more efficient and effective path to your goals. Once you have your top initiatives, follow these 3 steps for successfully aligning your people.

1) Roll out the plan with your direct reports. Make sure they understand, and they are all 100% committed. Have them each write their initiatives to support each company initiative. These should include execution (specific actions) and evidence (what will be measured). Using QQT (Quality, Quantity and Timeliness) will help front load accountability.

For example, to align with your company’s initiative to increase employee engagement by 20%: Execution: I will have weekly 1:1 meetings with all direct reports, using the appropriate management style and adjusting for behavioral styles. Evidence: 20% increase in employee engagement as measured by our Q12 Survey. Have each manager repeat this process with their direct reports, so the entire organization is aligned.

2) Set rewards for activities and accountability for results. Include team rewards. It will help align the entire team. Make sure you know what motivates your team. Employee engagement surveys, like Inscape’s Workplace Expectations survey, are the most accurate and efficient way to discover what motivates your teams. Visit http://unlimitedcoaching.com/workexpectations
to learn more.

3) Check in on your goals on a regular basis. Set up a system where everyone can watch the progress toward the goal. Post the written goals in a public location to help everyone stay focused. Keeping track on a computer system so anyone can check in is also a good idea. If you don’t have such a system, try Google Apps. We’ve created an entire system to track our goals and progress on google spreadsheets – for free! Schedule monthly/quarterly meetings as well. Celebrate small wins along the way. Keep focused on the positive, and use your positive energy to inspire others!

If you’ve set goals that make sense for your organization, and you follow these three steps, you are guaranteed to reach them!

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