The Efficiency of Love
by Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. on April 10th, 2013

What do most executives, managers, and business owners want? The word I hear repeatedly is efficiency.  Productivity is important, but we need it to be efficient. Creativity and innovation are important, but not if it costs us efficiency. Bottom line, we need a good profit.

Ken Blanchard quoted his wife Margie saying “Leadership is Love;” and I couldn’t agree more. Ironically, this is the word we avoid using, yet the concept for which we are striving. Love is the core of being impeccable. It is the driving force behind what we do and why we do it. It is what ignites and fuels creativity, productivity, and yes, efficiency.

The struggle is describing this to our current workforces. There are very few who are able to digest the word “love” in this context. Most need a way to relate it to their work language. Since the common definition of love is different than “love” in the workplace, it can cause misunderstandings before we even get a chance to describe it.

“Love” in the workplace cannot be defined in one word but rather a combination of words: Openness; Positive; Helpful; Passion; Fearless; Happiness; Creativity; Connection. Whichever combination of these words you choose, using love as a guide to making decisions, to BEING a leader, will be much more impactful and efficient.

For example, when it comes to speaking to someone about a performance issue, if you use love as a guide, you will be open and honest about it, and simultaneously helpful. Sometimes it’s a gentle approach; sometimes it’s more direct – but with a helpful intent and manner. It’s about helping people take a look in the mirror and becoming aware. It’s out of love, not fear, hate and frustration; not an out of control, negative reaction that you’ve built up and only communicate when you are frustrated and can’t take it anymore!

Most of us are not even aware that we act out of frustration and fear. So our first step is being aware of what is driving our behavior. What thoughts and feelings are we experiencing? And then shift to being open, positive, fearless, and creative (this might take some practice!).

When our actions come from love, it feels natural and is accepted. When they come from frustration, hate or fear, it is resisted and less efficient. If there is a change, it is temporary, and fake. When it is accepted, because it was given through love, it is more likely to be received openly, to be implemented, and to last. Above all, acting with love is the most efficient way to a greater profit margin.

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