What DiSC Style Do You Think a Leader Should Be?
by Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. on February 21st, 2018

I get this question a lot. What style is best suited for leadership?

To Ponder: Let’s consider another question before I answer that first question. What if your style is not the best style for leadership?

What would you do? Change your personality? Give up on leadership?  Of course not. And lucky you don’t have to! Because there is no single best style for leadership.

When you consider the traits leaders need, you see that we need many that are spread across all 4 DiSC styles, and some aren’t even correlated to DiSC!

Take Action: Consider your DiSC style and what natural strengths you have that influence your leadership tendencies. Then think about what might take more energy or effort for you. (If you have taken a Work of Leaders report, you can review it to help you see how your DiSC style influences your leadership tendencies.)

We need some of all of the styles!  There will be skills and characteristics that take us more energy and effort, and some that come naturally. Think of just one that you could benefit from doing more or less of.

Then, use my 5 Steps of Change to focus more energy or effort in one area:
Step 1 - Use self-awareness to discover the area where you need to focus more energy.

Step 2 - What’s in it for you to do so? Why is it important?

Step 3 - How will you do it? It might be a matter of setting yourself reminders, or maybe getting a coach to help.

Step 4 - Do it. Don’t wait. Take a step now. Use the 5-second rule if you find yourself procrastinating.

Step 5 - Put systems in place now to help you stay on track. Plan for obstacles, it’s part of life.  

​Let us know what one area you’ll focus on. Which step of the 5 Steps of Change might trip you up? What obstacles do you foresee?  

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