What You Need to Win an Argument
by Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. on April 30th, 2018

OK, well maybe “win” an argument isn’t the best way to position this. If we’re just out to win, our intention probably isn’t in the right place. However, if we want to win and we’d like the other person to win too, well that’s a better story, and that’s the story I’m talking about here.

To Ponder: Typically we’re in an argument because we want to get our point across. We want to convince someone of something. If our intent is in the right place, our voice tone won’t be defensive. We’ll be open to discussion. And then we can use the tool that will make the biggest difference - DiSC®.

DiSC® can help us understand that we all have different priorities and perspectives. If we come to our conversations realizing this, we can speak that person’s language. We can think about how the topic we’re arguing for, impacts that person’s priorities, stressors and/or motivators.

For example, if John needs to get the product out the door really fast because that’s what he’s promised his customer, but Jess is focused on making the quality the best it can be and doesn’t want to rush it, they both need to be aware of each other’s priorities. Combined with the best intent, they can be open to discussion rather than fighting with each other. Their combined goal is the make the customer happy, not win the argument.

Take Action: The next time you find yourself about to argue and you’re caught up in winning, step back and consider your intent. Re-align yourself to what’s important big picture and then think about that person’s DiSC® style and role in the organization. You might start the conversation with genuinely showing how you understand their position and say something like this: “We both want to find the best solution for our customer. Let’s find a way to do this.”  

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