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The Challenge of Managing a Multigenerational Work Place

The Business Journal - Central New York
Friday, May 21 2010

DeWITT - Effective communication and understanding are two keys to generating positive interaction and productivity in a work force that for the first time includes large numbers of employees from four different generations.

That was the message of Laurie Joslin, founder and president of Pittsford based Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc., who spoke at a Central New York Society for Human Resource Management (CNYSHRM) seminar on April 26 at the DoubleTree Hotel near Carrier Circle.

Spotlight: Laurie Joslin

Joseph Norman, Bigger Impact Newsletter
December 7, 2009

I met Laurie for the first time a few years ago at a Ken Blanchard event in Rochester sponsored by the Entrepreneur’s Organization – Western New York. On behalf of EO-WNY, she introduced Ken. I was immediately intrigued by her vibrance and sense of humor. Since then, I’ve participated as often as possible in sales and workforce trainings put on by her company, Unlimited Coaching Solutions. Laurie and her team are tremendous models of the strategies they teach. As a successful business owner, middle child of 14, and single mother of one, Jade, Laurie’s story is simply fantastic. It is an honor to feature, Laurie, a woman who I consider my friend and colleague, in this final issue of Bigger Impact Weekly.

Profiling the Four Quadrants of Highly Effective Toltecs

Posted by Ted Husted, NimbleUser
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As is our habit, NimbleUser introduced its latest bundle of newbies to a team building workshop provided by Unlmited Coaching Solutions. In preparation for the training, we were asked to answer a long (and annoying) series of questions in an online survey, which all took the format.

Select the one phase that best describes you at work.

* I like challenges.
* I like interacting with people.
* I tend to be relaxed and easy going.
* I tend to have high standards.

When training day came around, the delightful woman leading the session presented us with the result of our surveys...

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