GRITty Stuff Productivity Planner 

GRITty Stuff Planner by Laurie Sudbrink - The #1 Daily Planner to Set Annual Goals, Increase Productivity, Eliminate Stress, and Achieve Your Biggest Goals - Complete Tried & True System with:

  • The GRIT® System (proprietary system that's helped hundreds of thousands reach their goals and live happily)
  • Dream Big and Accomplish More With Our Vision Board (Instructions and On-line Templates Included)
  • Goal Setting Template - Prevents Setting Competing Goals 
  • Focus on What's Important Using Our High Value Activities Template - Instructions and On-Line Templates
  • Full 12 months with Planning and Reflection
  • 52 Weeks with 365 Days
  • Set Your Intentions Monthly and Weekly
  • Reminders to Focus on the Big Picture Before Planning Your Week
  • 100 Page Journal or Area for Important Notes
  • Carefully selected motivational quotes to keep you inspired and entertained
  • Free On-line Resources to Keep you Focused, Inspired & Disciplined
  • Access to Free Workplace Tips & Tools
  • Get Your GRIT Together Sticker

*Author of Leading With GRIT (Published by Wiley and sold on Amazon)