Leadership and Performance Enhancement

Leadership skills are crucial to the success of any organization. How do we empower ourselves to lead in a way that makes people want to follow? We provide your staff with the leadership skills needed to maximize their own productivity as well as that of others. This is where an organization can make the greatest impact on culture and productivity.

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Leading with GRIT®

Leadership skills are crucial to the success of any organization. Effective leadership ignites engagement and accountability so that results are clear and predictable. Through the UCS Leadership program, leaders and managers are introduced to a model which is used as a diagnostic tool and a roadmap for success. Managerial skills are developed and practiced to elevate participants’ ability and willingness to execute them effectively, and to evaluate their effectiveness through the use of sound data.

Rising Stars

How do we get to level 5 leadership, at all levels of our organization (sales, client services, account management, etc... )?  With practical application of GRIT®: Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth. This program provides you with the skills and perspectives to develop great leaders at all levels. Learn the skills it takes to empower yourself and your team to passionately pursue great results. 

The Art of Delegation

I have too much to do! How do I reorganize and eliminate some of the workload? Learn how delegation allows you to be a more effective leader, with a step-by-step process on how to delegate tasks. Learn how to decide what does and doesn’t get delegated, and how to choose the right person.

Motivating Employees

Empowerment begins with seeing the possibilities, not just the problems. It means changing our perspective - on ourselves and others. It means changing our attitudes - and that can be risky! Discover the power within you to change your attitudes, your work, your relationships and your life!

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Discover how coaching differs from other performance improvement interventions and determine when you should implement coaching. Learn the roles and competencies of a coach, discuss positive and negative feedback, and how to deliver both effectively.

360 Degree Feedback

Learn exactly what a 360-degree feedback program is, along with the advantages and disadvantages. Learn to design and plan the process, design and develop the tool, administer the instrument, process and report feedback, and plan responses to feedback.

Effective Meetings

Are you spending too much time in meetings? Understand the guidelines for more efficient, productive meetings. Learn the different purposes of meetings and the common characteristics of effective meetings. We’ll outline planning steps, meeting process steps and activity outlines.

Effective Presentation Skills

Did you know that many people fear public speaking more than death? Presentations can be fun. In this workshop you will learn techniques to overcome your fear and enjoy yourself, while giving an incredible presentation. This class is for anyone who wants to speak effectively with professionalism and confidence.

Management Skills for Administrative Assistants

Are you the one who keeps the boss on track? Then this course is for you. Learn what it takes to plan, organize, delegate, manage time and schedule appointments. And most importantly, you will gain techniques to sharpen your skills and overcome barriers to effective communications. You will walk away more proactive, assertive and professional, and learn how to think on your feet and solve problems in your work environment.

Understanding Personal Learning Approaches

Mentoring Employees

Supervisory Success

People learn in different ways, and trainers know the value and importance of understanding and communicating with participants. In this workshop you will identify your personal approach to learning, recognize why you want to learn, and understand how you prefer information to be structured for effective learning. You will discover how you prefer to be involved in the learning process, as well as develop you personal learning strategy. This is an excellent workshop for trainers to learn to assess the various learning approaches of their participants.
Recruiting and retaining qualified employees is a challenge for every employer today. Studies show that mentoring can be one of the ways to train and retain new employees. Learn how to run a successful mentoring program and avoid common pitfalls. In this workshop you will discover what employees need to be successful, and how mentors can make the essential difference. A great addition to the orientation process or employee development plans!
Supervising successfully can be more challenging than any other job! Now you not only have a boss to answer to, but employees that you need to keep happy as well. As supervisors, you have the basic skills, but you need the tools and techniques to deal with the real challenges you are facing. Learn how to bring out the best in your team, and maximize group performance (keeping your boss happy!).