Retreats are a great starting point to strategically aligning your human capital. You’ve already invested in your people through hiring and onboarding, now it’s time to ensure a return on that investment.

Lead with GRIT®

Can you imagine feeling accomplished and energized when you leave the office, rather than frazzled, drained, and worried about everything that didn't get done? How would it feel if your team was at top production and fully enjoying it, rather than you worried if they're really engaged and giving it their best?

You can stop imagining. Make it happen! Lead with GRIT is a 3-day immersion experience that prepares you with:
A mindshift to leading intentionally:
  • Self-Awareness of your greatest strengths & greatest opportunities.
  • Skill practice and application in leading people to a desired outcome.
  • The platform to step into the leader you were always meant to be.

Participants immerse for 3 days and acquire the ability to:
  • Build self-awareness and self-control.
  • Understand self and others at a deeper level.
  • Relate and communicate much more effectively.
  • Embrace your leadership style & bring out the best in others.
  • Increase engagement and commitment of the team.
  • Build trust and create sustainable relationships.
  • Achieve accountability and results through intentional leadership.

This is NOT about transactional and management skill development. This in-depth immersion experience will transform you from stressed-out transactional manager to Intentional and Impactful Leader!

Management Retreats

Money is tight. You're asking your people to do more with less and they're starting to check-out. Like a plant with no water, they've been droopy lately, but now they'll be energized, engaged, and productive. With a 1 or 2 day retreat you'll see your employees come back to life. Caution: results will be seen immediately. Make sure you're ready!
Your customized management retreat will help you to:
  • Review training/behavioral objectives and identify gap areas
  • Examine, identify, and reach consensus on high priority people development opportunities to align with goals
  • Focus your management team around key people objectives to drive your strategic business plan
  • Brainstorm ideas for employee retention, satisfaction, and performance improvement
  • Break down silo thinking and create a cohesive, collaborative management team
  • Develop a Human Capital Development Plan – with 2 levels of actionable steps: Company-wide initiatives and department initiatives