Train the Trainer
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Take Your Training to the Next Level!

Why is it that some trainers can capture an audience and others make you wish it was over? In this workshop you will learn about adult learning theories and training styles. Develop presentation and facilitation techniques and learn how to handle difficult participants.

Experiential Learning Techniques

How can I effectively create an environment that ensures learner transfer and application? People learn through experience. In this workshop, you will discover experiential learning key concepts and techniques. You will learn how to develop and deliver experiential learning in any environment. You will practice and apply the techniques, and share your experiences with others.

Coaching Skills for Trainers

Go beyond training – transform yourself into a coach, and help your participants reach their full potential! Help people realize their visions, values and ideas. Encourage people to think and interact better in their jobs. Discover what tools and techniques to use to bring about profound changes in thinking and behavior.

Understanding Personal Learning Approaches

People learn in different ways, and trainers know the value and importance of understanding and communicating with participants. In this workshop you will identify your personal approach to learning, recognize why you want to learn, and understand how you prefer information to be structured for effective learning. You will discover how you prefer to be involved in the learning process, as well as develop you personal learning strategy. This is an excellent workshop for trainers to learn to assess the various learning approaches of their participants.

Personal Coaching

Do you have a valuable employee that you cannot afford to lose? Even if you have an established mentor program in your company, chances are your overworked staff members do not have the opportunity to devote a concentrated amount of time to one employee. In addition, sometimes an objective observer can make an essential difference. Have one of our coaches get to know your struggling employee, observe their performance, diagnose specific areas of concern, and coach them to success.
How do you create a learning environment that inspires and coaches your participants? We provide you with the skills needed to understand different learning techniques, develop presentations, facilitation skills, and define your personal learning strategy.