Personal and Professional Development
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Put Time on Your Side

Do you manage your time, or does it manage you? Do you often think you don’t have enough time? In this workshop you will assess your time management skills using a self-assessment instrument, and determine the areas you need to improve. Refine your time management techniques to more effectively plan, implement and manage projects.

Goal Setting & Motivation!

Most people don’t take the time to set goals and create action plans for reaching them. This workshop will help you increase productivity through goals, create an action plan that gets results, and provide tools to help you stay motivated and determined to reach your goals.

Fine Tune Your Listening Skills

Did you know it’s estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70% of all communications? Learn about the different listening approaches, and when to use them. In this workshop you will use a self-assessment instrument to discover your natural approach to listening, and how you can learn to become a better listener.

Effective Presentation Skills

Did you know that many people fear public speaking more than death? Presentations can be fun. In this workshop you will learn techniques to overcome your fear and enjoy yourself, while giving an incredible presentation. This class is for anyone who wants to speak effectively with professionalism and confidence.

The Four Agreements of Not Taking Things Personally

Most of us are not even aware of the fact that we are not choosing how to react in situations. Instead, we are automatically reacting to someone or something. We get angry, hurt and disappointed, and we react without even thinking. Participants will practice using their own real-work issues, like giving and receiving feedback, reacting to negative customers, and how to not avoid important conversations.

Personal Coaching

Do you have a valuable employee that you cannot afford to lose? Even if you have an established mentor program in your company, chances are your overworked staff members do not have the opportunity to devote a concentrated amount of time to one employee. In addition, sometimes an objective observer can make an essential difference. Have one of our coaches get to know your struggling employee, observe their performance, diagnose specific areas of concern, and coach them to success.
With over 20 years experience in human relations, we understand the needs of individuals in the workplace. We help your team develop personal and professional skills for peak performance.