Our Methodology

Unlimited Coaching Solutions is a total solutions provider, offering training assessment, design, delivery and evaluation. We work with you to find the exact solution for you. We help you get results through your people, making a positive impact on your organization's bottom-line.

Our core competency areas include:

  • Leadership and performance enhancement
  • Team development
  • Sales and customer loyalty
  • Personal and professional development
  • Train The Trainer

With a comprehensive training program, you don't just get a motivational feeling that lasts for a week - you get a transformational experience, and simple yet powerful tools that you take back and use in your workplace immediately. Short sessions are scheduled with ample time in between to practice and apply techniques.

3 Step Process

1. Design

2. Delivery

3. Evaluation

All courses are customized using the needs assessment information provided by your organization. Specific course objectives and measurable outcomes are provided for each course.

In order to create results, our training sessions are designed to engage participants and create an experiential learning environment. Activities, assessments, case studies, and practice are critical components of all training course design.
We believe that a critical part of success in training delivery involves creating a comfortable, safe learning environment to engage participants and encourage growth. We limit our class size to 12 - 20 people in order to give personalized attention to each participant. Smaller classes allow students the freedom to ask questions and get their questions answered. All of this enables the instructor to focus on the specific needs of each class. Unlimited Coaching Solutions' facilitators create an environment to effectively encourage learning. Participants actively learn and practice all techniques to increase application when returning to the workplace.

It is recommended that classes be delivered off-site at the client's choice of location. This ensures a comfortable, safe environment to engage participants. However, when necessary, we can deliver training at your location.
Each course includes various phases of evaluation. Participants take a pre-test at the beginning of the course and a post-test at the end to measure the amount of knowledge retained. At the end of each course, participants fill out evaluations to provide feedback on the content, materials, facilitation, activities, and so on. All course evaluations are summarized in a formal report and provided to your organization.Three months following the training session participants meet for a two-hour follow-up session. During this time, participants experience an "energizer" activity to recap what was previously learned, then discuss application challenges and successes as a group. These sessions are summarized in a formal report to management.