Inspiring people to get results takes a different set of skills.

This is the transformational leadership experience of a lifetime.

A mindshift to leading intentionally:
  • Self-Awareness of your greatest strengths & greatest opportunities.
  • Skill practice and application in leading people to a desired outcome.
  • The platform to step into the leader you were always meant to be.
Participants immerse for 3 days and acquire the ability to:
  • Build self-awareness and self-control.
  • Understand self and others at a deeper level.
  • Relate and communicate much more effectively.
  • Embrace your leadership style & bring out the best in others.
  • Increase engagement and commitment of the team.
  • Build trust and create sustainable relationships.
  • Achieve accountability and results through intentional leadership.
This is NOT about transactional and management skill development. This in-depth immersion experience will transform you from stressed-out transactional manager to Intentional and Impactful Leader!

Who It's For

Mid- and First-Level Managers* who aspire to grow their career and become better leaders are the best fit for these workshops. It is ideal for leaders who supervise individual contributors within their organization and want to learn how to be more impactful in their leadership.

Imagine feeling accomplished and energized when you leave the office, rather than frazzled, drained, and worried about everything that didn't get done.

*Customized for Sr. Leadership teams, Board of Directors, etc

What We Do

Attendees will tackle major typical hurdles of the workplace including being “in charge” rather than an individual contributor and how to get the work done through others - efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

We'll also deal with interpersonal issues and conflict so it doesn’t negatively impact productivity and address empowering others to solve problems, be proactive and be accountable.

What's Different

This retreat is unlike any other you've experienced. Small class size gives attendees personalized attention,  an opportunity for intense self-reflection, personalized feedback & coaching to accelerate transformation.

Your facilitator will utilize research-based content that focuses on the most important leadership issues and offer a customized to fit each individual.

Our interactive, hands-on experience prepares participants to take action immediately.

“Just a quick note to thank you again. I’m sure you picked up on my skepticism the first day of class. I also hope you realize at the end you won me over. You made it a fun and very informative 4 days, your enthusiasm was, and is, contagious. I will “do my best” to practice what you’ve taught.”

- Frank Greco, US Navy

What will the immersion experience include?

Part 1 - Pre Work

During the weeks before the immersion experience, participants receive:
  • The Amazon best-selling book Leading With GRIT® - Inspiring Action and Accountability With Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth to read and complete a GRIT assessment.
  • Two other web-based assessments to provide clarity and understanding of interpersonal and leadership competencies.

The reading and pre-program assessments provide:
  • Insights to broaden leadership perspective and accelerate transformation.
  • Clarity of interpersonal behaviors and tendencies, and leadership strengths & limitations.
  • The groundwork to begin honing in on development needs.
  • A foundation for significant personal & professional transformation.

Part 2 - Immerse Yourself

During the three day intensive program, you will experience:
  • Real examples, stories, discussions and quotes to connect leadership lessons to real issues and enhance retention.
  • Hands-on activities, reflection & practice sessions tailored to provide deeper learning and instill confidence in the new skills.
  • Get Your GRIT Together Workbook
  • Instructor & peer feedback to provide insight, suggestions, & support.

Part 3 - Implement & Benefit

After the immersion experience, participants apply & sustain their new leadership skills through:
  • One 45-minute phone coaching session with Laurie Sudbrink.
  • Job aids to help participants utilize their newly acquired leadership tools.
  • Access to online resources (templates, checklists, books, videos etc.).
  • Optional, fee-based 360 feedback assessment after 3 months of applying your new skills, and optional fee-based extended coaching engagements.

“I found Unlimited Coaching Solutions' approach is grounded in a real world methodology that can instantly be put to practical use in daily work environment situations. I am glad I took the time out of my busy work schedule to participate in this program because I derived many benefits that enhanced my career path, professional growth, and management skills.”

- Anthony Sandonato, Principal, Mengel Metzger Barr & Co. LLP

Get to know your facilitator.

Laurie Sudbrink is the author of Leading With GRIT® – Inspiring Action and Accountability With Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth. She is an expert executive coach in interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence and travels the world developing the best leaders through retreats, coaching, speaking and training programs.  Visit

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