Not Priceless
Sally is offended by something her manager, Justin, said to her. She spends a half hour stewing over it.

- $10.00

Carol passes by and Sally decides to vent, sharing her increased frustration. They spend a half hour discussing the situation.

- $20.00

Sally’s anger is fueled by her conversation with Carol so she is finding it hard to focus on her work and is making careless mistakes. Sally spends double the time on the project at hand.

- $40.00

Carol continues to think about what Sally told her and when she runs into Stephen, she tells him the story. They spend another half hour discussing the situation.

- $20.00

Sally receives a phone call from a customer while trying to focus on her work. She sounds irritated and her attitude impacts the customer, your company loses the sale.

Not Priceless!

$90 + $5,000 potential sale!

Now multiply that by the number of your employees.

20 x $5,090 = $101,800