Rising Stars
Leadership skills are crucial to the success of any organization. A great company requires level 5 professionals—the highest level in a hierarchy of leadership capabilities. In a great company, results don’t need to be driven. People don’t need to be led. A culture of discipline is created. In a great company with a great leader, good results are inevitable and great results are pursued passionately. People want to follow—and better yet, people begin to take the lead through accountability, empowerment, and commitment to innovation and improvement, at all levels. Leadership is not about a position or a title; it's about how an individual influences a person or group toward obtaining a particular result.

The question is, how do we get to level 5 leadership, at all levels of our organization (sales, client services, account management, etc... )? With practical application of GRIT: Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth. This program provides you with the skills and perspectives to develop great leaders at all levels. Learn the skills it takes to empower yourself and your team to passionately pursue great results.

Who Should Attend?

A-Talent (Identification of A-Talent available)


2 full days + 2 e-sessions per quarter for one year (other scheduling available)

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What participants are saying...

"The Rising Stars material has given me new perspectives within the workplace. The approach and vocabulary has given my supervisor and I a common framework around which to communicate and work."

"I've found what I have used most relates to the DISC styles to effectively communicate. While I still have a long way to go, I find myself trying to adapt to other styles and to communicate accordingly. I also find myself picking up the phone more to make sure tones are set correctly and to avoid "language" barriers that come through in emails."

"Very professional, and open minded. Thank you - I thoroughly enjoyed the classroom interaction and learned alot, not only from the course instruction, but from my peers too!"

Upon completion of this program, your Rising Stars will be able to...

  • Convey why Service Excellence is a Core Competency
  • Understand and demonstrate effective client-focused skills
  • Identify various styles and adapt your style
  • Define and communicate expectations for self and others
  • Deliver and receive feedback and stay on track with performance
  • Know when and how to direct, guide, support, and delegate
  • Coach and develop with a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Understand how to work and lead in a high performance, accountability driven culture