Supervising with GRIT®

Introduction to Supervisory Skills for all new Supervisors and for those who want a refresher!

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a supervisor can be challenging and most of us need to fine tune our skills to help us deal with these new challenges. This four-day program helps participants understand themselves and others so they can effectively communicate and manage their teams.


1. Understand the significant and varied responsibilities of a supervisor
2. Discover how to get the most out of your team through directing, coaching, supporting and delegating
3. Combine leadership, management and communication skills for effective interaction and inspiration of your team
4. Recognize and appreciate the diversity in people and utilize their differences as assets
5. Listen effectively and provide constructive feedback


  • Full color, professional curriculum with handouts
  • A personal DiSC Management assessment providing insights into your own management style
  • Laminated Reminder Series Cards to keep aware of important tools
  • Email reminder series to keep participants refreshed and thinking
  • Professional certificate

Why Select Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc as your Training Vendor?

  • A fun and engaging environment that guarantees results
  • A professional, yet humble and passionate instructor
  • Fun videos, interesting stories, engaging activities and great discussions
  • Just-in-Time problem solving on real issues happening in your workplace

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Clients Who Have Benefited:

  • US Navy in San Diego
  • US Navy in Philadelphia
  • Many school, county, city and other government agencies

References available upon request