The Leadership Lab Achieving Business Excellence Through Authentic Leadership
Focusing on today’s most crucial behaviors, skills and knowledge, The Leadership Lab is what you need to continue
achieving business results in this fiercely competitive, fast-paced, global business world.
Interplay Simulation Game
A two day intensive workshop for leaders who are ready to step it up!

The Leadership Lab begins with self-awareness of your behaviors, and the impact they have on your effectiveness as a leader in delivering business results. You will master a 3-step process to lead your team to desired outcomes. Throughout the Lab you will engage in activities and group discussions, and experience hands-on workplace application. You will also participate in a fast paced, competitive board-based simulation, immersing yourself into the complex business decisions and trade-offs of running an enterprise in a highly competitive marketplace – applying both business acumen and leadership skills. With this proven method, you will discover the steps and skills it takes to lead your team to results. You will also receive immediate feedback and business results with each decision period. (Link: view full outline.)

In just TWO days, you will...

  • Customize a personal road map for your leadership success
  • Discover your authentic leadership style, and where you need to focus more energy
  • Gain hands on experience in real business scenarios
  • Think, act, establish strategy and execute decisions like a business owner
  • Utilize new skills and knowledge immediately, putting theory into practice
  • Return to your leadership role with the confidence and tools to take you to the next level

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Praise for The Leadership Lab & Interplay

Roseanne Romero
"As a seasoned leader in Learning and Organization Development, I've had the opportunity to observe, participate in, and even deliver many different Leadership Programs within many different companies.  The blended program combining Leadership skills (Unlimited Coaching Solutions) and Business Acumen (Interplay) is by far one of the most engaging and pragmatic development programs I've experienced.  Leadership without strong Business Acumen is costly for a business, but so is Business Know-How without strong Leadership.  All too often businesses focus on the "bottom-line" and forget about the intangible assets - their people, their customers - all the softer and harder-to-measure assets of running a successful business.  The program delivered by Unlimited Coaching Solutions and Interplay finds a way to integrate the two aspects showing the impact on "bottom-line" results for applicable focus on intangibles.
Whether a first time manager or seasoned leader - there is something in this program for anyone accountable for driving results through others.  So many companies are in positions where they are trying to "fix" their leaders on the fly while maintaining business as usual.  This program is flexible and can be delivered in multiple ways to fit your culture - and with meaningful and applicable pre and post work, there is always contextual relevance to one's own job in the real world!

Words I'd use to describe this program:  Practical, Relevant, Engaging, and Tangible!"

- Roseanne Romero
Independent Consultant
Over 30 years experience in the Training & Development field
Scott Trumbower of Canandaigua National Bank
"Interplay Simulation is a fun, competitive, facilitated board 'game' for managers to learn and apply business and leadership concepts including strategic thinking and alignment, non-silo decision making, tangible and intangible asset management and market value growth. 
It is complex, challenging at all levels and an exciting learning and an excellent team building experience.

Laurie and Lori tailored the simulation and facilitation to reflect our real business challenges and culture. Excellent value received for time and money invested. 
  • -Renewed focus on value creating potential of the assets that matter most: people, customers and the organizational assets and initiatives that make us the best at what we do.  
  • -Participants experienced decision making from the 'C' suite and saw first-hand how results are generated or lost making them more effective and engaged leaders. 
  • -The business results scorecard each period provided immediate feedback on strategies and decision making that produced real results resulting in better decision making on the job.
  • Managers more capable of thinking through decisions with a 'business owner' mindset 
  • Managers more mindful of their leadership and decision making style and impact on others
- Scott Trumbower, SVP & WSG Manager
Wealth Strategies Group
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust