The Best Present You Can Give, and It Benefits You!

As we run around trying to find that special gift, remember your presence might be the best present you ever give.

In our relationships, being receptive and truly present is critical – not only for the other person or people, but for ourselves. When we can turn off the thoughts and tune into the “now”, we become authentic; we are less stressed, more effective, and a lot happier.
This can be difficult in the world we live. We have a lot going on! And certainly the challenges for each DiSC style vary. But it’s safe to say, for most of us, it just takes practice. And we often resist that practice because we don’t see an immediate payoff.

The value of being present can be tough to measure. But with a little attention, you will see the results - they are undeniable. The amount of time it takes to perform a task decreases, due to your focus and your desire, and this spreads to the person with whom you are present. They feel connected; they feel like you care; and they reciprocate.

Take Action: Take time to be mindful. Practice being present in the moment. Schedule it. Make it part of your routine.

HOW TO BE PRESENT: Being present is about quieting your mind and just being in the moment. We can practice this anywhere. Just keep focusing on the one thing that’s in the “now.” Bring your mind back when it wanders off.

For example, while brushing your teeth, practice by thinking only of your teeth, the toothbrush, the bristles, your tongue… you get it. If you brush your teeth for 1 or 2 minutes twice a day, it becomes routine to practice presence. Then you can add it into driving, and other habitual, daily activities that you’re already doing. Even breathing can be a great place to practice.

Then start practicing with people. When your mind travels, consider stopping the conversation and asking for a rewind! “I’m sorry, my thoughts just got hooked elsewhere, can you repeat that?” Most people will appreciate your openness, and since we all do it, it’s a great way to connect, be authentic, and show you’re human!

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