Earn Respect - With DiSC

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between
 lightning and a lightning bug." - Mark Twain

DiSC provides a language for people to connect.

When we know what each style prefers (D, i, S, C, and combinations thereof), we can ‘talk their language’. This helps earn more respect. More respect means better relationships, better work quality, more productivity, and a more enjoyable workplace.

People want to be understood and feel connected, and they appreciate when you make an effort to do so. But it’s not just in the words we use; it’s in the way we interact as well.

Consider an employee with primary “i”  and a manager with primary “D”. If the manager doesn’t recognize or appreciate the employee, but instead, only focuses on getting tasks completed, this employee will not feel connected. In fact, this employee may think the manager doesn’t care at all.

On the other hand, how much respect do you think the leader will earn if she adapts to the i’s ‘language’? A 30 second investment, as in a sincere thank you with eye contact and specific details of what the person did right, could yield a 50 to 100% increase in productivity.  

It works both ways. If the employee adapts to the manager, perhaps by being to the point, serious and focused, the manager will give the employee more respect.
To Ponder: How often do you think your nonverbals, your words, and your behavior are misunderstood, or not connecting with the other person? Do you stop to consider how your behavior is impacting the other person, and what you might do differently?  

Take Action: Think about how you can talk the other person’s language. Use words and nonverbals that they relate to. Pay attention to reactions, and adjust accordingly.  

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