Merry Christmas!

How I use DiSC to decrease stress during the Holidays!

DiSC® is such a great tool for the workplace. It helps us relate and communicate more effectively, adapt to tasks so we’re in the right frame of mind, and genuinely appreciate other DiSC styles for their strengths and what they bring to the team.

To ponder:  Think about how you can use DiSC as a tool during the Holidays. Not only will it help with stress during your family gatherings, but it will help you to have a happier New Year!

Take Action:
Think about the people you’ll be interacting with over the holidays, especially the ones you tend to struggle with. Consider their behavior - are they outspoken, animated, loud; or quiet, not easy to read and hard to connect with? Are they questioning and skeptical, or more agreeable and accepting?

Take a moment to be aware of someone’s style; this way you won’t take their behavior so personally when they interrupt during conversations, or they don’t engage in the conversation, or whatever that annoying behavior is to you. Take a breath, be more patient with others. Make it your priority to just enjoy the situation and the people you're with.  

Psst - If you need to refresh a little on DiSC, go to for lots of great resources!. Contact for help.)

After all, our families and friends are the most important people in our lives. It might be worth a little prep ;)

Merry Christmas!
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