Get Buy-in With This One Simple Technique

You don’t have to struggle with getting people to buy-in to your ideas. There is a proven method and you already have everything you need.

To Ponder:  Do you ever wonder how someone can be so far apart from your way of thinking? You have a vision of how the project should roll out, and someone on the team has a completely different way of looking at it. Or they just don’t see it the way you do. And it becomes an issue, an obstacle, a nuisance, or just a time waster.

Getting buy-in from our peers, our direct reports, and even our manager can take a bit of effort, but can certainly be worth it when you consider the pain of not getting that buy in.

One of the best ways to gain buy-in, is to allow people to weigh in (I first heard it said this way by Patrick Lencioni and it aligned so nicely with my GRIT methodology). The way we do this is very important. Considering a person’s DiSC style and what they prioritize, their stressors and fears will allow you to listen and focus on the areas that are important to them. The person will feel validated, connected to and respected.

Take Action: Practice ahead of time so you’re ready when you need to invite people to weigh in. As soon as you feel resistance, it’s time to allow someone to weigh in. How you will do that depends on their style. If you go on over to and compare someone with your style, you can then get tips about how to gain buy-in with that style. Below is a sample of tips you’ll receive, depending on your style and their style. (Feel free to compare with me if you just want to try it out first.)  
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