Coaching Mistakes You Can Avoid - With DiSC!

Something to Ponder

Coaching doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes it takes great effort to effectively coach.
Did you know DiSC is a great tool to help us with some of the common mistakes made while coaching?

Common coaching mistake #1 - Giving the Answer. Coaching is about empowering others to figure things out their way, rather than telling them how to do it our way.
How DiSC Helps - When you understand your natural tendencies, you’ll know how much effort it takes you to hold back and ask questions, rather than tell people what to do.

Common coaching mistake #2 - Being vague when addressing performance issues. For example, saying “You’re not being a team player.”
How DiSC Helps - Being more direct and clear with what exact behavior you are not seeing and clarifying the behavior you expect to see. “I don’t see you offering to help others; you often tell them what they’re doing wrong. I need you to offer assistance when you see things go wrong; act like you serve this team rather than run this team.”

Common coaching mistake #3 - Ditching the coaching when work gets stressful.
How DiSC Helps - Many of us can feel as though coaching is an extra; it’s not the real work at hand. When that’s the case, coaching falls by the wayside. D’s may just want people to get it done. The “i” style may become very reactionary. The S’s are prone to resisting sudden change and may shut down. The C’s can end up just putting their nose to the grindstone and forgetting about coaching altogether.

Take Action

Which coaching mistake might you fall into? Take a look at your DiSC map on and see how you might need to interact more effectively in varying situations with different styles.

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